Orlando Fringe presents

by E. Erba 

“Don’t doubt it, just run,” says Stephany to her best friend as they train for their big dream of running the New York Marathon. Running as a life or death challenge. The stage will be turned into a running track for these two powerful, determined women pursuing their audacious goal. While the track will be fictional, the ladies’ sweat will be real: the two actresses will run in front of the audience for a whole hour! “Marathon” will move hearts, cause laughter and encourage self-reflection as the two women’s conflicts develop in quite an unexpected way!


Directed by Valerio Vittorio Garaffa

Maria – Chiara Cimmino
Stephany – Kimberly DiPersia

Orlando Fringe 2023 @ PINK VENUE, Orlando shakes, 812 E Rollins St Orlando, FL 32803


May 19 Fri. 9:00 pm

May 21 Sun. 10:10 pm

May 23 Tue. 9:35 pm

May 25 Thu. 6:15 pm

May 27 Sat. 12:30 pm

May 28 Su. 8:05 pm



January 2020
Dixon Place @ 161A Chrystie Street, NY

Stage-managed by Madeleine Mackenzie Joyce 

“Created by a team of extremely skilled, passionate Italian artists, Marathon managed to move hearts, cause laughter and encourage self-reflection. It is simply mind-blowing how the two incredibly talented actresses manage to run on stage for a whole hour and not let that affect the depth and strength of their acting. They gained the spectators’ empathy and admiration from the very beginning! This group of artists is running to win.”

Ana Moioli

Actor and Thetre/Film Creator, International Women Artists Salon

Marathon is a tribute to both actresses’ equal ability to deliver comedy and drama, to make us care about what they are doing and where their lives are going that we don’t spend the entire length of the play thinking, “My god, how can they be running AND talking for all this time??!!” Mr. Garaffa’s direction allows us to become intimate with these women. His built-in silences are not only realistic to runners’ behavior, but they allow these talented actresses to reveal so much of the inner lives of the characters. This play is funny, poignant and engaging: it very much deserves to be seen by a wider audience.”

Kate Konigisor

Actor and Director, Stagebuddy.com

MASK SHOW: masks, fun and improvisations

Chiara and Valerio’s Mask Acting Workshop: the final show!

Susan Campisi , Emanuele Capoano, Julia Cavagna, Mike DeBlis, Golan, Madeleine Mackenzie Joyce, Michael Ricca, rebecca Werner & Tyler West


December 2020
Berlin Under A @ 25 Avenue A, NY, NY

(Drawing by Rebecca Gabrielle Porath Katz)

Teatro del Disìo / our theatre company

Teatro del Disìo is the Italian theater company founded in 2011 by Chiara Cimmino and Valerio Vittorio Garaffa.

“Disìo” in ancient Italian language means “desiderio“ (desire).

“Disìo” is a word that reminds us of the past, our origins, our culture, our history.

At the same time “disìo” is a word that propels us into the future.

If you look in the dictionary, this is the definition of “desire”: a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen.

That’s our goal! Through our making and teaching theater… what we wish is for something to happen.