The Relationship Acting Method

Mask Acting

Mask Theatre is a magic world to live in.

When you put on a mask, it hides you and reveals you at the same time. It can be funny, tragic, or both.

Mask work is meticulous and liberating, deep and playful.

When you put on a mask, no one really knows what is about to happen. 

Why masks?

Masks have a lot to teach us as actors. It teaches us how to be playful and how to, at the same time, synthesize our technical abilities.

Chiara and Valerio studied the ancient and powerful world of the mask not out of respect for the ancient tradition, but to discover what ancient masters could still teach to a modern artist.

The masks have so much to show us about ourselves, the world, and our art. It’s work, but it is also incredibly joyful.

“Spectacular work! One of the most enriching experiences I’ve had in understanding Commedia dell’Arte. They persistently encouraged us to search for deeper truths within our work.”

Kimia P.

Actress, Canada

“As more than teaching a method Chiara and Valerio offered the students at Concordia an initiatic journey to the world of the commedia dell’arte masks in which every one of the participants could experience the birth of his/her character from their personal experience with the mask. They conquered the imagination of all involved and at the same time opened their perspective on the role of the individual actor in innovating on tradition. Chiara and Valerio opened the students’ perspective on the aesthetic innovations in contemporary European theatre through direct, practical experience. Most of all, they made them understand that playing with masks is more than a skill indeed a journey into the human nature which any actor ought to undertake.”

Cristina Iovita

Theatre Director and Professor, Department of Theatre and Dance - Concordia University (Canada)

“They are truly the best in the business!”

Cleopatra B.

Actress, Canada

“Great workshop lead by two amazing artists.”

Lucas F.

Acting Student, Canada

“I’ve never experienced anything as deeply transformative as this before. I consider myself so lucky to have discovered you. This work speaks to me in a special way and I feel drawn to it like an infant to its mother. I would cherish the opportunity to continue working with each of you. The mask has the unique and dynamic ability to portray the human condition in both a profound and accessible way. Mask work has the uncanny ability of unleashing the power of the imagination in ways that I never dreamed possible. This was an exhilarating workshop that awakened my senses and helped me to tap into deeper parts of myself that I didn’t even know existed. I had the time of my life and I’m anxiously await for our return.”

Mike D.

Actor, New York